What Is ASD?

Someone with autism has difficulty interacting with the world around them in the same way as others.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (often referred to as ASD or simply as autism) is a complex and somewhat mysterious disability which impacts the normal brain development leaving most individuals with:

  • Communication and language difficulties or differences
  • Difficulty with social interactions and relationships
  • Unusual behaviour
  • A tendency to repeat specific patterns of behaviour
  • Difficulty with personal independence
  • A markedly restricted range of activity and interests

The term “spectrum” refers to a continuum of severity or difference from typical development. Individuals on the autism spectrum tend to have varying degrees and combinations of symptoms and therefore treatment must be specific to the individual. It is also important to keep in mind that individuals with autism vary widely in their needs, skills and abilities.

Did you know that…?

47% of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have average or above average intelligence

53% of individuals with ASD have an intellectual disability

25% of individuals with ASD are non-verbal

28% of individuals with ASD have gastrointestinal disturbances

10% of individuals with ASD have a seizure disorder

90%-100% of individuals with ASD cannot properly process light, sound, smells, touch and pain

1 in 87 children in Calgary have Autism Spectrum Disorder