What is a Psychiatrist?


Psychiatrists are licensed physicians with extensive medical training in the causes, diagnosis, and treatment and ongoing care of mental disorders. Their medical training allows psychiatrists to understand the interaction between the physical, social and psychological aspects of mental disorders. This training allows psychiatrists to appropriately prescribe medication, to provide psychotherapeutic treatments, and to work with patients, especially those with chronic or episodic conditions, to improve their quality of life.



Dr. Jennifer Fisher

Phone: (403) 955-5982


Dr. Jeremy Quickfall

Phone: (403) 944-3369

-IQ below 70


Dr. Jason Taggart

Phone: (403) 955-3077

-IQ below 70


Dr. Nina Gudeon

Phone: (403) 955-2226


Dr. Susan Carpenter

Phone: (403) 284-1121

-IQ below 70


Dr. Thomas Wikes-CHR

Phone: (403) 944-2489

-Children and Adolescents


Patrick G. Coll

Phone: (403) 943-3614

Fax: (403) 943-3624




Autism Calgary does not support, endorse or recommend any method, treatment, product, remedial center, program or person for people with autism or autism related conditions. It does, however, endeavour to inform because it believes in the right to have access to the information available and to make individual choices.

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I Have Autism

"I have Autism. I may not look unusual, but I experience the world much differently than you do. Autism makes it difficult for me to communicate with you, and sometimes causes me to have unusual behaviour. I am doing my very best. Please be patient with me and my caregivers, who are trying to give me a full and happy life."