Occupational Therapists

What is an Occupational Therapist?


As rehabilitation professionals, occupational therapists are trained in physical and mental health to help people recover from injury or illness, maximize ability following permanent loss or developmental disability, and regain life roles following mental illness.

Occupational therapists also consult to make buildings, homes, and work environments accessible for people of all abilities.


Adrienne Thoms

Phone: (403) 809-3742

Email: adowner [at] shaw [dot] ca

-Pediatric OT for private in-home, clinical or community therapy.

-Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory or regulatory issues, independence with activities of daily living, and toilet training.


Carol Vickery

Phone: (403) 542-5777

Email: kids4ot [at] gmail [dot] com

-Provides assessment, treatment and consultation to toddlers, preschool and elementary aged children

-Sensory processing difficulties, Autism Spectrum Disorder, feeding challenges, motor difficulties, developmental delays, visual perceptual difficulties and learning disabilities.


Colleen Basaraba

Phone: (403) 685-2893

Email: crbotecs [at] telus [dot] net

-Developmental Disabilities, Learning Disabilities, Sensory Processing and Motor Planning Challenges

-Pre-school, School Age, Adolescent


Charlene Wright

Phone: (403) 277-8508

Email: Charlene [at] otyyc [dot] ca

-Autism, ADD, Cerebral Palsy, Developmental Coordination Disorder, Brain Injury, Isodicentric 15, Neurofibromatosis, Nonverbal Learning Disorder, and Complex Behavioral Disorders.

-Children and Adults 2-25 years of age.


 Erica Kronstal

Phone: (587) 434-5356

Email: jekronstal [at] gmail [dot] com

-Sensory processing, selective eating, and fine motor development through a play based approach.

-Works with mild to severe autism or developmental delay ages birth to 12 years old



  Elizabeth Beaugrand

Phone: (587) 893-0402

Fax: (403) 290-6564

Website: www.connecting-dots.ca

-children and youth of all ages with Autism, Down Syndrome, Amputation, ADHD, and undiagnosed challenges.

-Private funding as well as FSCD

-Elizabeth received her Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Calgary, and her Master of Science in OT from Dalhousie University.
-Elizabeth has additional training in:
Integrated Listening System (ILS)
Astronaut Training
Therapeutic Listening
Deep Pressure Proprioceptive Technique (DPPT)
Motivational interviewing


Julie Campbell

Phone: (403) 613-9789

Email: juliecampbell [at] telus [dot] net

-Birth to 16 years of age with neuro-developmental challenges, special interest in preschoolers

-Family centered community and in-home based model of intervention.

-FSCD, PUF and private


Katherine Buchanan

Phone: (403) 777-6983

-Developmental Disabilities and Neurological Disease/Disorders.

Preschool, School age, and Adolescents

Evelyn Ma
Phone: (403) 479-7898
email: ding [dot] evelyn [at] gmail [dot] com
– proficient in Applied Behavior Analysis principles and strategies for teaching
– provides assessment, program planning and consultation in areas of self-help, fine motor skill, visual motor skills, sensory regulation and sensory defensiveness and emotional regulation and stress management.
– children and youth of all ages


Karen McIntosh

Phone: (403) 680-8108

Email: kmcintosh [at] shaw [dot] ca

-Ages 4 to 16 years old with Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADD/ADHD, DCD, and Learning Disabilities, as well as adults in the area of Sensory Processing Disorder

-Private Clients in the South of Calgary


Krista Van Iderstine (Hansen)

Phone: (403) 585-7477

Email: kristaotcoach@gmail.com

-Ages 4 to young adult with ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder.

-Self-regulation (focus, emotions, sensory processing, completing activities), social skills, organizational skills, written work

-Privately funded clients


 Lesley Heysel

Phone: (403) 680-3253

Email: lesleyheysel [at] shaw [dot] ca

-Preschoolers and School age children

-Sensory Integration, Fine Motor, ASD, Graphics, ADLs and Behavior

-Private and FSCD


Sonya Sawyers

Phone: (403) 686-3391

Email: sonya [at] cherringtonsawers [dot] com

-Toddler/preschool age to pre-teen with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorder, motor coordination/performance difficulties/DCD, Developmental Delays, Fine Motor delays (including printing and/or handwriting), Visual Motor/Visual Perceptual difficulties, ADLs/Self-help skills, and integrated listening system (iLs Pracitioner)

-Clinic based, home-visits or school observations

-Private clients, FSCD or PUF


Teunisje Gruber

Phone: (403) 708-9811

Email: tgruber [at] shaw [dot] ca

-Pediatric, most experienced with kids 2 ½ to 8 years old.

-All diagnosis and difficulties



Joanna Yuen
Description of Practice:  Provides  family support, assessment, and treatment for preschool and school age-children with a variety of diagnoses including Autism and Sensory Disorders, Attention Deficit  Disorders, Developmental Coordination disorders, Down Syndrome, and other developmental delays.  I also see children with challenges in the areas of sensory processing /modulation, fine motor, oral motor, handwriting, feeding, and other daily living skills. I use Sensory Integration, Neurodevelopmental approach, and Floortime approach. Available to help kids with FSCD funding and PUF funding.  School consultation and home based therapy available.
I was also trained in other complementary therapy courses including:
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)
Brain Gym Educational Kinesiology
MNRI Primitive Reflex Integration Level 1 from Svetlana Masgutova Educational Institute
Rhythmic Movement Training Therapy (MRT)  Level 1, 2, 3  from Rhythmic Movement Training International
Touch for Health Level 1,2 (Kinesiology) by John Thie
Services provided in Calgary, Cochrane, Airdrie, Okotoks, and Chestermere











Autism Calgary does not support, endorse or recommend any method, treatment, product, remedial center, program or person for people with autism or autism related conditions. It does, however, endeavour to inform because it believes in the right to have access to the information available and to make individual choices.

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