Our Staff

Autism Calgary Head Office

3639 – 26th Street NE
Calgary, Alberta, T1Y 5E1
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 9:30AM – 5PM

Lyndon Parakin, Executive Director:

Phone: 250-5033 extension: 223    email: lyndon [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Lauren Booke, Communications and Resource Specialist:

Phone: 403-250-5033 extension: 221   email: info [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Maria Vial, Family Support Coordinator

Phone: 250-5033 extension: 228    email: maria [at] autismcalgary [dot] com


Meg Konditi, Community Development Specialist:

Phone: 250-5033 extension: 227    email: meghan [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Tracy Mendoza, Special Projects:

Email only: tracy [at] autismcalgary [dot] com


Spectrum Advantage: Employment Without Borders

3rd Floor, 3820-24th Avenue NW
Calgary, Alberta, T3B 2X9
Monday – Friday: 8:30AM – 4PM

Sarah Taylor, Program Manager:

Phone: 403-210-5000 ext 2032     email: sarah [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Celina Berrade, Education Coordinator:

Phone: 403-210-5000     email: celina [at] autismcalgary [dot] com




Autism Calgary does not support, endorse or recommend any method, treatment, product, remedial center, program or person for people with autism or autism related conditions. It does, however, endeavour to inform because it believes in the right to have access to the information available and to make individual choices.

Our Events

I Have Autism

"I have Autism. I may not look unusual, but I experience the world much differently than you do. Autism makes it difficult for me to communicate with you, and sometimes causes me to have unusual behaviour. I am doing my very best. Please be patient with me and my caregivers, who are trying to give me a full and happy life."