Programs and Services

General Family Support

Autism Calgary offers direct family support  Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays from 12-6 pm. This support is intended to provide information or support on any autism related topic. Our support is peer support as our staff are families.

Please call Maria by phone: 403-250-5033 (x228) or email: maria [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Family support assistance is provided on 1/2 hour blocks either over the phone, email or in person.


Support Groups and Regular Drop ins.   

We have a number of support groups and drop in information sessions  that run monthly.

For times and registration links, please go to our AC Calendar on the top, right hand side of our front page, or at the bottom of the front page as well, and click on the event for description and then click on ‘more details’ to register.

You can also register by going to our website’s News Blog, look for your event,  and click on the  Eventbrite button within that blog article.

For additional information on Support Groups and Regular workshops, please email: lauren [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Asperger’s Network Support Group: Twice per month.  Adults with Asperger’s syndrome or suspected Asperger’s. Meets every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. The first meeting of the month is an information/presentation, the second meeting is a round table discussion. For more information, contact adam [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

BioMedical Support Group: Monthly.  Anyone interested in alternative interventions for the treatment of autism. Meets every last Thursday of the month. For more information, contact iscela [at] autismcalgary [dot] com or maria [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Fathers Autism Network Support Group: Monthly. Fathers who care for children or adults with autism. Meets every second Tuesday evening of the month. For more information, contact lyndon [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

General Support Afternoon Drop in-  Weekly. This meeting runs weekly, every Thursday from 1-3 pm. If you are a parent, a partner or a carer of someone with autism, you are welcome to attend this drop in. Bring any question or concern that can be managed in a group setting. For more information contact Maria [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

KIT ( Keeping it Together )  Support Group: Twice per month. Moms only who are interested in having an evening of simply self care. Meets the 2nd Th and 4th Monday of every month.  For more information, contact kit [at] autismcalgary [dot] com

Navigation Drop in (assistance with FSCD):  Weekly. To assist families to navigate the Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program.  Every Wednesday from 2-5 pm and evenings 7-9 pm.  Afternoon sessions are drop in, for the evening session, please register. For more information please contact lauren [at] autismcalgary [dot] com



Recreational Programs 


To register for any of these programs, please send your requests to the email address provided. You can also call our mainline at 403-250-5033 and follow the instructions to be connected to the Autism Calgary contact person.

Free Swimming at Vecova Recreation Centre: Autism Calgary has a reserved special time for our Autism Calgary members and their family every Sunday at 5:30pm at Vecova’s very warm swimming pool. Please come and join other families for fun at the pool ( long weekends excluded). It is reconnected to check our online calendar here prior to going to Vecova for possible cancellations. Participants must have an Autism Calgary membership. Please go to Vecova at 3304 33 St NW, Calgary and ask for the Autism Calgary sign-in sheet.

Go Group:  For youth, 18-35 who have Asperger’s syndrome and are PDD ineligible.  This group meets every Tuesday to participate in a variety of activities with the support of facilitators from Autism Aspergers Friendship Society. Presently, not taking any more participants. There is a waiting list. Please contact maria [at] autismcalgary [dot] com if you wish to be on the waitlist.

Pokemon Club: This is a safe and fun family activity evening centred around the Pokemon Card game (Youth must be accompanied by an adult and adults requiring assistance must be accompanied by a caregiver.) Everyone is encouraged to participate. Join us every first and thirst Tuesday of the month. If you are new to the Pokemon card game, our volunteer facilitators will be eager to answer all your questions. For more information, call our office 403 250 5033 and dial zero, or email info [at] autismcalgary [dot] com.



*New*!! School and Community Presentations 

We have a team of volunteer presenters who are now ready to bring information to your school, community or organization. If you wish to have a presentation for your organization,  please fill our the Request form below:

Resource Library


We have the largest autism-specific library in Western Canada right here in our office. A library card is provided with an Autism Calgary membership. Open during our regular office hours: Tues, Wed and Thu 9-5 pm.



Autism Calgary does not support, endorse or recommend any method, treatment, product, remedial center, program or person for people with autism or autism related conditions. It does, however, endeavour to inform because it believes in the right to have access to the information available and to make individual choices.

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I Have Autism

"I have Autism. I may not look unusual, but I experience the world much differently than you do. Autism makes it difficult for me to communicate with you, and sometimes causes me to have unusual behaviour. I am doing my very best. Please be patient with me and my caregivers, who are trying to give me a full and happy life."