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Capsules, Mind and Berries

Thank you! The Symposium on Mental Health and Nutrition was a great success! There was a lot of people with us at the Ballroom in the MacEwan Conference and Events Centre. 
Evidence ranging from ADHD to Mood Disorders to Autism”


We want to thank all our volunteers for their work. We could not have done it without you!

Ability Society and Autism Calgary

Thank you to our sponsors, the Ability Society and to Autism Calgary for their promotional assistance.

We want to thank our guests for being a great audience and we hope that you can share what you learned April 13, 2014 with many others. 

Finally, thank you Dr. Julia Rucklidge, Dr. Bonnie Kaplan and Dr. Megan Rodway for the great presentations!

If you wish to contact Drs. Rucklidge or Kaplan, or to support their research, please address your communication to:
Julia Rucklidge: julia [dot] rucklidge [at] canterbury [dot] ac [dot] nz
Bonnie Kaplan: kaplan [at] ucalgary [dot] ca

As requested, below are the links to download the presentations PDF files, in the order in which they were presented at the symposium. Please note that these files can be shared for educational use, but the speakers would appreciate you requesting permission before you extract or copy any portion of their slides. Their email addresses are listed above.

Dr. Kaplan talk.pdf
Dr. Rucklidge talk.pdf
Dr. Kaplan Introduction of Dr. Rodway.pdf
Dr. Rodway talk.pdf
Dr. Kaplan symposium closing comments.pdf
Some recommended readings.pdf
Website links for natural health product companies.pdf

If you would you like more information here are some links:

Dr. Rucklidge

Press release – Study on micronutrient treatment of ADHD in adults:

Abstract published in British Journal of Psychiatry:

Site describing Dr. Rucklidge research program:

TV, print and radio:–study/tabid/1160/articleID/330230/Default.aspx

Dr. Kaplan

Micronutrients Versus Standard Medication Management in Autism: A Naturalistic Case–Control Study

Nutrient intakes are correlated with overall psychiatric functioning in adults with mood disorders

Other research:

Dr. Rodway

Efficacy and cost of micronutrient treatment of childhood psychosis

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This FREE symposium was organized by Drs. Kaplan and Rodway and volunteers.


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